Cross-culture Awareness

The importance of cross-culture understanding is increasing day-by-day and it helps when you:

  •  work in different culture countries.
  • collaborate on projects with teams from other countries of different cultures.
  • work in divisions or departments of the company in different  countries.
  • deal with suppliers from other countries for outsourced activities.
  • have customers located in different countries of different cultures, partners and alliances with parties from diversified cultures.

Poor cultural sensitivity yields to misinterpretations and perceived misbehaviour in international business settings. Called off negotiations and sales indicate this and are eventually seen through the company’s bottom line.

With our intercultural training programme we cover the following:

European Culture

From its Eastern and Central to Western regions, Europe is the home of many linguistic and national territories where the primary European cultural groups have been associated into some 21 culture areas. Gain a better understanding of how their history has impacted their behaviour.

North American Culture

Build strong partnerships with the region which sets the standards and trends in business worldwide.

Middle Eastern Culture

Unravelling the customs and codes of behaviour in the region can unlock a world of trade and negotiations for the savvy businessperson. From Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Kuwait and Qatar learn about and respect the differences amongst each country and the western norms.

Asian Culture

Discover the wonders of Asia - from India to China and Japan. Learn about the deep meaning of spirituality in the region and the exotic Asian cuisine.

African Culture

To increase your potential for business success, learn about the different regions on this continent which it would not be beneficial to treat as one cultural area.

Latin American Culture

Learn, understand and appreciate the main cultural traits in Central and South America.

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