College/University Etiquette

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”


College/University Etiquette

It’s important to build a personal brand, because it’s the only thing you’re going to have - your reputation is pretty much the game!

Our seminars clearly equip college students with invaluable interviewing and career skills.

  • Interview Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Business Casual - What It Is and Isn’t
  • Voice
  • Word Choice

Every detail counts when you want to be perceived as credible and when you want a lasting impression of yourself. So always be prepared:

  • Are you well groomed and appropriately dressed for the occasion?
  • Do you know how to distinguish the correct dress codes?
  • How well can you show them you’re the one they need?
  • What signals is your body posture giving? Are you looking confident or weak?
  • Can you effectively engage in discussions?
  • How about your eye contact?

The topics we cover:

  • Social and business introductions
  • The interview
  • The business meeting
  • The boardroom
  • Networking
  • Leadership
  • Social and soft skills
  • Social media
  • Dress codes
  • Formal dining skills
  • Dealing with conflict
Brand Yourself to a Better You!