Irina Buhalova

“Elegance is the first form of self-expression and the best way to project your personality, your experience, and your savoir-faire. Elegance is a remarkably effective communication tool.”

Marie de Tilly

Irina Buhalova

Irina Buhalova is an International Personal Branding Consultant. She teaches Style, Manners, and Apparel and supports you in discovering and building the very best version of yourself - your Personal Brand. Her training courses, tailor-made workshops and individual sessions will help you make sure that you are presenting your best self at all times in your professional and personal life.

Irina holds an MBA degree from Rollins College in Florida, USA and a solid background in the corporate world. Her passion for teaching and six year experience with the Costuming department at Walt Disney World Co. paved her way from being a Disney Look advocate to Elegance specialist and Etiquette expert. Originally from Bulgaria, she has lived and studied in the USA, Paris - France and currently she lives in Zurich - Switzerland. She considers herself a world citizen who has travelled a great deal, meeting and greeting people from all social circles, relating to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly.

After studying in the American and European Schools of Etiquette, she now teaches the meaning of good manners by adapting them to modern life. She is also a certified fashion styling image consultant from the Milan Fashion Campus - Fashion Academy and offers image counseling and style analysis.

Irina works with individuals and professionals to help them gain the confidence they're seeking by addressing their unique needs. She is a trusted advisor to many businesses, cultural organisations, and schools.

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