Business and Corporate Etuiquette

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Business and Corporate Etiquette

Social Skills - Leadership - Confidence

Irina Buhalova provides professionals with the business etiquette tools needed to communicate with confidence, competence, presence, and influence. 

Business etiquette training directly impacts the bottom line because decision makers, colleagues, clients, and prospects will choose to do business with people in whom they have confidence.

The Business Etiquette Seminars are fully customizable, and cover the following topic areas:

  • What is Etiquette and Why Business Etiquette Matters
  • Inter-generational Differences
  • Civility in the Workplace
  • Introductions
  • Communication Etiquette
  • Business Social Situations and Networking
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • Professional Image and Attire
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • International Perspectives
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette

Who benefits from Business Etiquette Seminars?

  • New Hires
  • Sales Professionals
  • Seasoned Professionals and Senior Management
  • Inter-generational Workforces

The seminars are customized to a client’s needs and desired outcomes and held at the client’s office or a nearby venue on their chosen date.

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